Five Steps To Take With Your Spouse's DUI

You will probably have a lot to do after a spouse's DUI. Here are some of the steps that will go into resolving the issue quickly.

Post Bail

Luckily, you may be able to skip the step of posting bail. First-time DUIs often don't require a bail although multiple offenders or accidents that caused a large amount of damage may need bail. You can post bail directly through the court or with the help of a bail bondsman.

Speak with a Lawyer

Your next step will be to speak with a DUI attorney to get their opinion on whether to plead guilty or fight the charge. If you plead guilty, your spouse might make a plea deal that includes the retention of their driver's license. But when the circumstance isn't a clear cut DUI, your spouse might want to instead challenge the charge altogether.

Attend All Trials

As a defendant in a DUI charge, it's important that your spouse attends all of their court dates diligently. You can attend with them for moral support and encouragement. Sometimes, a police officer will not show up to a court date, and then the case can be dismissed. For that reason, one tactic the DUI attorney might have you take is to keep appealing your DUI decision and prolonging the case.

Consider the Evidence

When a DUI doesn't have strong evidence, it may be thrown out. Something to look for is the reading on the breathalyzer test. If it was close to .08, you have a good chance of refuting a DUI. You can sometimes do that by proving that you are an upstanding citizen without a criminal record. Couple that with a good reason for behavior or driving methods that looked "drunk", and you will make it much harder for a cop to prove the DUI charge.

Make Sure it Doesn't Happen Again

A spouse's DUI can put your lifestyle as a couple in jeopardy. If you share the responsibility of providing transportation for your children, a DUI places undue burden on you. DUIs can also have large financial repercussions, especially for multiple offenders. So, this is an important moment to talk with your spouse about what can be done to prevent another DUI. That could be a simple pledge to not drive while intoxicated, or it could mean rehab. It's up to you as a couple, but it's certainly a topic to discuss.