Are You A Victim Of Domestic Violence? Know What Evidence You Should Have

If you're the victim of domestic violence, it is important that you preserve as much evidence as you can to help defend yourself against your spouse. Without evidence, it will just be one person's word against the others. The following evidence can help prove your case to a judge and potentially put your spouse behind bars.

Photos of Injuries

It is important that you document all injuries that you sustained at the hands of your spouse. You can do this by taking photos right after the injury happened, especially if you do not plan on going to a doctor about them. If you decide to go to the doctor to treat your injury, there will be a detailed medical report about what happened that you can use much later.

Social Media Posts

Don't make the mistake of assuming that threatening messages on social media are going to be around forever. It is possible that your spouse may try to clean up their tracks if they go to the police. You should take screenshots of any threatening messages sent on social media and email them to yourself. This will help prove when it happened, and help defend that the screenshots were not fabricated after the fact.

Tell Friends and Family

Since many domestic violence cases are often one person's word against the other, it is important that you have other people that can corroborate your story. Be sure to tell your friends and family members about domestic violence issues, which will help create a history of people that can back up what you are trying to prove later on. Even though these people are not eyewitnesses, simply having people that know the exact same story that you need to tell can help back up your claims.

Evidence of Property Damage

It is just as important to document property damage that happens in domestic violence cases. This can help prove that your spouse has a temper and was breaking objects to threaten you. It can help to take pictures of items that were broken during a fight, and even hold onto receipts use to replace those items since they will have a date on them.

These are just a few ways that you can gather evidence to help your case. For assistance with forming a case and going through the proper legal channels, work with a domestic violence attorney in your area.