Experiencing Domestic Violence? What To Do

Experiencing domestic violence in your relationship can put you in continued dangerous and painful situations. Even if you've only experienced one or two incidents of violence, changes must be made to protect yourself and prevent further occurrences. Even if you cannot leave your partner immediately, these tips might help you care for yourself.

Look for Triggers

Everyone's life is different; if you're not in a position to leave your partner right now, you may still be able to protect yourself by looking for and recognizing triggers. For example, is your partner worse after drinking or during the holidays? By noticing when they're likely to become violent, you can try techniques to defuse the situation or exit the house before something happens.

Charge Your Phone

A charged cellphone can be valuable if you're involved with an unpredictable person. With it, the police and loved ones can be contacted immediately. For that reason, make it a mission to always have a charged phone nearby.

When you do need to contact a friend or someone about what's happening, you may only have a few seconds to communicate. The use of some sort of code word can alert them to your distress and need for assistance. You might also download a safety app that contacts police with a single click.

Get a Lawyer

You may not think a lawyer can do much for your situation. However, if you are experiencing mistreatment, a lawyer can often be the best partner you have. Attorneys experienced in domestic violence cases understand how best to ensure your safety when you are finally ready to leave.

For example, your domestic violence attorney can ask for an order of emergency protection that prohibits your partner from being near you. In fact, they can go even further and ask for specific provisions. Some such provisions include a condition that requires your partner to present and surrender guns, while another condition requires them to leave the house if they're living there. Your lawyer may also be able to procure some living expenses for you.

Don't Blame Yourself

Sometimes, victims of domestic abuse blame themselves for what they imagine is their part in the situation. This is an unfortunate byproduct of a relationship like this. Do not assume any responsibility for a partner's violent behavior. If you're able, seek therapy for encouragement and guidance from a professional.

Domestic violence doesn't have to keep happening. With these suggestions, coping and ultimately leaving can be a possibility. When you're able, consult attorneys who can help you remain safe and move on.