Don't Make These Dumb Moves During Your DUI Stop

No one expects to get stopped for driving under the influence (DUI). In many cases, though, it's not suspicions of drunk driving that motivated the stop in the first place. Instead, it's driver behavior that can catch the eye of law enforcement. When you do get stopped, however, you can make things much worse if you make some of the dumb moves below.

  1. Failing to Comply – Law enforcement is allowed to ask you for identification when you are stopped. You should have a valid driver's license with you at the time of the stop. If you have a valid ID but do not have it with you, the officer can look it up using your name and other identifying information. Providing identification is only the beginning of complying with law enforcement. You may be asked to exit the vehicle and be told where to stand or sit.
  2. Using Bad Language – You might think nothing of letting loose with a few choice words during the stop, but be very careful what you say. If you are loud enough, you can be charged with disturbing the peace. If you use threatening language towards law enforcement, you can be charged with resisting arrest without violence and more. Be respectful and remember that your interactions are being recorded by the cop cam and the dash cam for later use in court.
  3. Remain Silent – After answering law enforcement's questions, don't just keep talking out of nervousness. You could very well make things worse by talking incessantly. It will also probably annoy the officer. Give short and concise responses and don't volunteer information. You are not trying to make friends — keep things as professional as possible.
  4. Don't Plead, Beg, or Bribe – Once it has become clear that you are about to be arrested for DUI, things are not going to change. Don't bother pleading, begging is irritating, and bribes are against the law. You will have your chance to explain things later on — with the help of a DUI criminal defense lawyer.
  5. Resisting Arrest – As mentioned above, using curse words to threaten an officer can result in more charges and so can other bad behavior. If you continuously argue with the officer, try to avoid the handcuffs, try to run away, or attempt to break out of the back of the police cruiser, you can be charged with resisting arrest.
  6. Failing to Get a Lawyer – Of all the behaviors, this one is the most damaging. You will need help with your DUI case, and the sooner you talk to an attorney, the better. An arrest doesn't have to turn into a conviction, so speak to a criminal defense attorney today.