Criminal Law Attorneys Protect You From Repeat DWI Offenses

If you are a repeat offender in criminal court, you face more severe consequences. This especially applies in DWI offenses.

Repeat offenders are often in serious situations where they face more severe consequences. If you are facing criminal charges for a repeat offense, this is what you need to know.

What Are the Fines for Repeat DWI Offenses?

If you are convicted of a second, third, or even fourth DWI, you may face heftier fines in addition to longer jail time. You can also have your driver's license revoked. This means you might not be able to get to work or even pick up your children from school.

You might have your vehicle impounded or have an ignition interlock installed. This severely limits your ability to move freely, and it can be intrusive in your life—especially if you drive for work.

Do You Have to Take a Field Sobriety Test?

If you are pulled over for another field sobriety test, you may wonder if you have to engage. If you already have one or more DWI offenses in your past, you might wonder if this test will hurt you more than help you. It just might. You can refuse a field sobriety test, but you must submit to a breath or blood test.

Will Your Car Be Confiscated?

If you are pulled over for a subsequent DWI, the law will differ depending on where you are. In some states, the police cannot confiscate your vehicle, but in other states they can. If you have multiple DWIs, you may not be able to drive your car without an ignition interlock device.

Will a Plea Bargain Be Available?

In some cases, you may be able to take a plea bargain. However, this may not be the right move to make. A criminal law attorney can help ensure that you make the best choice given the information available.

Do You Need an Attorney?

It's always smart to get an attorney when you are facing criminal charges. An attorney helps you determine if a plea bargain is really the right choice or if you would be able to move forward with a trial successfully.

Get an Attorney for Subsequent DWI Offenses

If you find yourself in court to face additional offenses for a DWI, you should speak with a criminal law attorney. An attorney can help you parse out the details and determine what you might need to do to make sure that you are treated fairly in court.