Arguments Your Legal Advisor Might Raise To Help You Avoid A Harsh Judgment For Possession Of Controlled Substances

A detainment for drug possession usually leads to serious consequences if the suspect is arrested with large amounts of drugs. Still, being found in possession of a less amount of controlled substances can also make you get a harsh judgment. The defense of these charges can be difficult, but it is less challenging when you hire a lawyer to defend you. The legal practitioner's primary objective will be seeking a dismissal of your case or a reduction of your charges. To achieve this, they will gather evidence to use when negotiating for your release. They will also raise the following arguments to fight your charges:

Some Processes Used to Gather Evidence Were Illegal

Your lawyer may challenge the processes that the officers used when gathering evidence. They may start by arguing that the police did not have a justified reason to stop you. Your attorney from a criminal defense law office might also object to the search that led to the discovery of the drugs. They would do so if the officers did not produce a warrant before searching you, your vehicle, or your home. In this case, they will ask the judge not to allow the prosecutor to use the evidence in court. This can weaken the case against you, leading to its dismissal for lack of enough evidence.

There is Insufficient Evidence to Show That You had a Controlled Substance

The prosecuting officer must prove that you had banned substances during your arrest. Failure to demonstrate this might give you an upper hand in the case. Your attorney can also capitalize on the lack of evidence to claim that the substance in question was not a drug. Moreover, they may present results or get a lab expert's testimony to prove this assertion. This expert witness can highlight the similarity between the substance the police found on you and a controlled drug to explain the confusion that caused the officers to arrest you.

The Substance Belonged to Someone Else

The police may mistakenly arrest you for carrying drugs you may not have known were in your possession. This might be the case, e.g., if you borrowed a car without knowing the owner had hidden drugs in a compartment. In such a case, a lawyer from a criminal defense law office asks the judge not to punish you because you didn't own the drugs. They might even get witnesses to testify that the drugs belonged to the car owner.

An arrest for possessing small amounts of drugs might seem minor, and you may be tempted to handle it without assistance. However, you might face severe, long-term consequences if convicted. For this reason, hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you is advisable. For more information, contact a firm like Baber & Baber, P.C. Attorneys at Law.