How Do You Figure Out Bail?

If you've been arrested, it may not occur to you much how your bail is determined, but the bail issue is definitely one you should be interested in. Without bail, you'll have to stay in jail until your case is heard and that might take months and months given the crowded justice system. To learn about the two main ways that both the potential to get bail and the amount is determined, read on.

Divorce 101: A Guide To Hiring A Family Law Attorney

Marriage can be one of the happiest things in your life. Unfortunately, not every marriage is built to last. When things go bad, the situation can get stressful and ugly. You need to know where to turn to get you through this ordeal. One of the first things you should do is secure a family law attorney. They will guide you through the process and be a huge help throughout the whole divorce.

Charged With Assault? Your Lawyer May Use One Of These Defenses

If you have been charged with assault, then you absolutely need to hire an attorney from a law firm like Pollack & Ball LLC to help you fight the charges in court. Your lawyer will probably have you plead innocent and then formulate a defense to convince the judge or jury that you do not deserve to be convicted of this crime. There are several different defense strategies your lawyer may use, depending on the nature of your case.

Experiencing Domestic Violence? What To Do

Experiencing domestic violence in your relationship can put you in continued dangerous and painful situations. Even if you've only experienced one or two incidents of violence, changes must be made to protect yourself and prevent further occurrences. Even if you cannot leave your partner immediately, these tips might help you care for yourself. Look for Triggers Everyone's life is different; if you're not in a position to leave your partner right now, you may still be able to protect yourself by looking for and recognizing triggers.

Are You A Victim Of Domestic Violence? Know What Evidence You Should Have

If you're the victim of domestic violence, it is important that you preserve as much evidence as you can to help defend yourself against your spouse. Without evidence, it will just be one person's word against the others. The following evidence can help prove your case to a judge and potentially put your spouse behind bars. Photos of Injuries It is important that you document all injuries that you sustained at the hands of your spouse.